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KSSM Secondary Form 5 English Exercises Set 4

Form 5 Subject lists

A. We interviewed six pupils about teens’ opinions on keeping pets.
Read the texts below and answer the questions that follow.

A. Tania — 17 years old
I always feel happier coming home from school because | know my full-grown tabby will be jumping in excitement to see me. It’s true that school schedule can be hectic at times but even at my grumpiest, playful Jeanne always has its ways to turn my frowns upside down. Truly, cats are adorable!

B. Farhad — 15 years old
My little sister insisted to have a pair of sugar glider as her 10" birthday so we did get her one. She was all hyped up on the first few days taking care of the gliders, but all too soon, she noticed that keeping them requires extra patience, responsibility and special care. She probably wasn’t ready for that so in the end, I had to parent the pair.

C. Geetha — 16 years old
Some days, I love my puppy more than my two little twin brothers. At least he would never roll his eyes at me or steal away my personal items. In fact, he loves my singing and would never be embarrassed by it. I always find talking to my pet after the boys are sound asleep at night is a great stress buster. It gives me calmness.

D. Borhan — 15 years old
My classmate accidentally saw a polaroid of Milo and I during our Science class and it sparked an interesting conversation on exotic pets. We never fail to exchange stories and pictures of our Iguana and chameleon every time we got back from school holidays. It is nice to have a best buddy who shares a similar interest.

E. Rosie — 17 years old
I have seen many teens wanting to adopt a pet but eventually they get bored and ignored them at home. In some cases, they even leave the cats or dogs unattended while being away for along holiday. | really think it is inappropriate and unacceptable. Perhaps it’s best to remind ourselves that like humans, pets need to be cared for too.

F. Lim — 16 years old
Having a pet is a terrific idea for my small family. We enjoy taking care of our Dalmation from bathing him weekly to finding him a good summer outfit!
Being the only child, | consider Tommy as my best friend and he always knows how to make me laugh with his antics.

Which person (A — F) describes the following experiences of keeping pets?
1. Keeping pets supports teens emotionally.

2. Pet ownership comes with commitments.

3. Pets teach teens value of companionship.

4. Responsibility and love are important to caring for pets.

Keeping pets provides teens with various health, social and emotional benefits. Pets namely cats and dogs can be a great listener to many and sometimes they can turn their owners’ 5. upside down. They also give teenagers something to talk about and a shared 6. with other friends thus helping them to bond socially. Caring for pets at home also provides young kids with comfort and 7. . They get to unwind from stressful routine by spending some quality time with their pets before bedtime. However, for families who struggle with tight schedules and are often on the go having pets is probably not the best option. It is important not to leave their indoor cats or dogs 8. for more than a day as pets need to be constantly cared for.

B. Complete the sentences with the correct connectors.
1. Your auntie is resting in the next room. So walk softly _________ disturb her.
(A) so as to
(B) in order to
(C) so as not to
(D) so that

2. _______ you are so interested, I won't persuade you to give up. _______ do check with the agent before you purchase it.
(A) If, In order
(B) As, However
(C) Unless, Though
(D) Because of, So

3. Tea should be served in every meeting __________ the members will not be sleepy.
(A) although
(B) even if
(C) as
(D) so that

4. ________ she adds salt. ________ she pours in the milk. ________ she beats the eggs.
(A) Before, Second, Third
(B) After, So, Then
(C) First, Secondly, Finally
(D) Then, So, Finally

5. The boys encountered lots of problems ________ trying to get to the island. ______ they managed to reach the island in time before the sharks came.
(A) while, Nevertheless
( B) during, Nevertheless
( C) then, However
( D) as, However

6. Sheila has not bothered to tidy up her room ______ her cousin came to stay.
(A) then
(B) since
(C) as
(D) in order

7. _________ her shortcomings, she is lucky to get the job.
(A) However
(B) As aresult
(C) In view of
(D) Consequently

8. _________ the monsoon season, the fishermen managed to obtain a good income.
(A) Even
(B) As
(C) Although
(D) In spite of

9. Steven could not eat curry and _________ could David.
(A) so
(B) neither
(C) either
(D) but

10. _________ Mr. Lee and Mr. Abdullah came to the company _______ the manager was not in.
(A) As well as, and
(B) Both, but
(C) Although, and
(D) Neither, but

C. Complete the sentences with the correct connectors.
1. He realized that he only stood a slim chance _______ he didn't give up.
(A) and yet
(B) or else
(C) but also
(D) and then

2. The children, _________ the teacher, were all enjoying the hilarious show.
(A) as well
(B) as well as
(C) but also
(D) not only

3. The teacher has explained the method to her many times. ________, she does not seem to get it.
(A) Still
(B) Therefore
(C) Consequently
(D) Thus

4. They started the variety show according to schedule _______ the poor attendance.
(A) although
(B) in spite of
(C) but for
(D) and yet

5. The centre will be closed ___________ renovation works until further notice.
(A) even with
(B) because
(C) due to
(D) despite

6. _________ Tim _________ l am a club member. __________, we cannot go in.
(A) Either... or... Yet
(B) Neither ... nor... Therefore
(C) Both ... and... Still
(D) Both... and ...Consequently

7. Ellen's grandparents dote on her very much, _______ she is their only grandchild.
(A) for
(B) when
(C) and
(D) yet

8. ________ the lesson proceeded, we started to understand the topic better.
(A) Although
(B) Even
(C) For
(D) As

D. Fill in the blanks with the most suitable sequence connectors from the brackets
1.My sister was in the dentist's office for ten minutes. , I sat in the waiting room with an old magazine in my hands. ( First, Meanwhile, Later )

2. An hour passed but there was no sign of Mike. , we decided to go home. ( Until, Before, Finally )

3. We bumped into Salsa during our trip to Lang Island. A few weeks , we met him again ( after, then, later )

4. The teacher had trouble telling the twins apart. she realized one had a mole above her lips. ( Subsequently, Finally, Meanwhile )

5. The men went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. , they drove off towards the Penang Bridge ( After, Afterwards, Meanwhile )

6. The football coach announced, "Today, we will begin practicing for the coming match." he added, "Let's warm up first." ( Then, After, Eventually )

7. heat the oil in the frying pan. Then put in all the marinated chicken pieces. (Before, After, First )

8. Many customers bought the delicious chicken pies. all the pies were sold out. ( Eventually, Afterwards, Next )

9. Many people wanted to buy the tickets. a while, the queue was quite long. ( Before, After, Finally )

10. Zulina will be back in fifteen minutes. , make yourself at home. (Later, Subsequently, Meanwhile )

E. Fill in the blanks with suitable logical connectors e.g. ‘however’.
1. Susie refused to take part in the concert. , she changed her mind the next day.

2. The car beat the red traffic light. , the driver was issued a Summons by the traffic policeman.

3. "Fira won the gold medal after three months of intensive training. , you too could win if you practise hard enough," Liza's mother said to her.

4. "I don't think she can handle this task. , she already has a lot of other responsibilities," said the head prefect to his assistant.

5. The cadets were given new uniforms to wear. , they received free passes to the match.

6. The people strongly opposed the move to build a golf course near their house. , the proposed plan was cancelled.

7. “The final examinations are coming soon. , It would be advisable for you to begin revising more systematically," the teacher told her class.

8. The neighbours often helped each other, creating a feeling of harmony in the neighbourhood.

9. The teenager was caught shoplifting. , he was let off with a warning.

10. Shaun is directing the movie. , he is playing the lead role in it.

11. Thomas Edison failed several times before he successfully invented the first light bulb. , you too could attain your dreams if you never give up trying.

12. The bungalow had seven rooms, each with an attached bathroom. , there was a large garden and a swimming pool.

F. Read the following paragraph of a narrative and write down the connectors.

This past weekend I had the time of my life. First, Friday night, I had my best friend over and we made a delicious, mouth-watering pizza.
After we ate, we had a friendly video game competition. On Saturday, my dad took us out on the boat. The weather was perfect and the water was warm. It was a great day to go for a swim. Later that night, we went to the movies. We saw an action packed thriller and ate a lot of popcorn. Finally, on Sunday, we rode our bikes all over town.
By the end of the day, my legs were very tired. I only hope that next weekend can be as fun as this one.


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