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KSSM Secondary Form 5 English Exercises Set 2

Form 5 Subject lists

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A. Directed Writing
Obesity has been on the rise, with more young people becoming obese. Your school has decided to launch a ‘Health Week’ campaign to raise awareness among students about the need to be more health conscious. As the chairperson of the organising committee, you have been asked to give a talk.

Use the notes below to write your talk.

-Improper eating habits
-Eating too much junk food
-Too many calories
-Lack of exercise
-Lazy lifestyle

-Exercise — 3 times a week
-Reduce food intake
-Reduce sugar and fat intake
-Change eating habits
-Have fixed time for eating
-Eat small meals

When writing your talk, you should remember to:
- greet the audience
-state the purpose of your talk
- use all the notes given
- give your own ideas when needed
- end your talk appropriately

B. Questions 1 - 8 are based on the given stimuli. Study the information carefully and choose the best answser.

Swipe with your Song Leong Mastercard and stand to win a 4-day, 3-night grand prize holiday for four people at the prestigious Pangkor Laut Estate worth RM20,000 plus a shopping voucher worth RM8,000!

Contest period is from 15 June to 1 September 2017. Please visit www.mastercard.com

1. Based on the advertisement above, you may win the grand prize if you
A use your Song Leong Mastercard during the contest period
B visit the website from 15 June to 1 September
C charge at least RM20,000 to your Mastercard
D shop at the prestigious Pangkor Laut Estate


Discounts up to 50% > Kitchen cabinets
Discounts up to 30% > Appliances, Accessories, Solid Surface Top
0% Interest-free instalment scheme up to 36 months

Offer period: 9 — 31 August 2017

2 Based on the advertisement above, the mega sale offers
A up to 30% discount on kitchen cabinets
B an interest-free instalment scheme
C up to 50% discount on appliances
D a 30% discount for 36 months

Now you can search for anything on your phone. Perfect for phone browsing, it quickly gets you what you want. Just type the keywords and you will immediately get a list of relevant information.

3 Based on the extract of the advertisement above, you can search for anything on your phone
A if you have a perfect phone
B when you type the keywords
C if you get a QuickSEARCH phone
D when you search a list of information

Three distinctive holidays, one exceptional room rate!

Every destination is a solendid vacation waiting to happen. Laze on the idyllic beaches of Burau Bay Langkawi, explore the world’s oldest rainforest at Taman Negara or jump into the vibrant city fanfare of Johor Bahru.

RM 288 Single/twin-share with breakfast

4 From the advertisement above, we know that
A the room rate at a hotel in Langkawi, Taman Negara and Johor Bahru are the same
B you only have to pay RM288 for a holiday in Langkawi, Taman Negara and Johor Bahru
C all the hotels in Langkawi, Taman Negara and Johor Bahru charge only RM188 per room
D the hotel room rates located in the places advertised are affordable

We refer to the letter by Simon Leong from Kajang (The Daily Mail, 17 July) requesting QuickKL to ply more routes to Kajang.

Currently, we have two express buses, El and U40, to
Central Market. There are also four local routes; from Beranang to Kajang, from Kajang town to Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 at Bandar Baru Bangi, from UKM to Terminal Kajang and from Sungai Long to Bandar Baru Kajang.

At the moment, Taman Kajang Utama is not within our operation area. However, we would consider your suggestion for the future.

Lisa Tan, Senior Manager
QuickKL Sdn. Bhd.

5 Lisa Tan is writing in the newspaper most probably to
A support Simon Leong’s proposal
B request for more bus routes to Kajang
C complain about the lack of bus routes
D respond to Simon Leong’s suggestion

Satellite tracking of Sabah’s endangered Borneo pygmy elephants has confirmed that their numbers are dwindling because of forest clearing to make way for plantations and logging.

A two-year study by WWE-Malaysia revealed that the number of elephants in Sabah is fewer than the 1,600 animals estimated earlier.

6 Based on the extract from a newspaper article, the two-year study revealed that
A there are elephants in plantations
B the number of plantations is increasing
C there are 1,600 pygmy elephants in Sabah
D the number of pygmy elephants is decreasing

Get this recipe book featuring original recipe creations produced for Nabasco sauces today! It includes signature dishes by celebrity chefs, easy- to-follow instructions and healthy eating tips.

Only available at participating hypermarkets and supermarkets and while stocks last.

7 The phrase signature dishes tells us that
A each dish is the chefs’ speciality
B the chefs will provide the dishes
C the chefs will prepare local favourites
D each dish is specially-signed by the chefs

We produce high-quality accounting software for any type of business. We are currently looking for talented candidates to join our CALL CENTRE.

Walk-in for an interview at:
Lower Ground Floor — Plaza Room
Park Royal Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Remember to bring:
- your resume
- photocopies of your certificates
- a non-returnable passport-sized photograph

8 From the advertisement, we know that candidates
A have to be talented in business
B must have a degree in accounting
C must go to the call centre for the interview
D have seven hours to attend the walk-in interview

C. Questions 9 - 15 are based on the following passage.
Choose the best answer to fill in each blank.

A great way to begin a tour of Egypt is to head to the pyramids of Giza. A world-renowned ___9__, the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus sit in the desert of Giza and is a 45-minute drive ___10___ downtown Cairo.
Pyramids __11__ tombs built for the ancient Egyptian kings known as Pharaohs. To date, archaeologists have found 118 pyramids in Egypt.___12 _, the most perfect and__13__ of them all is the pyramid built by Cheops (Khufu), a ruler from the 4th
Dynasty (2600 - 2487 BC). Known as the Great Pyramid, this 147m tall structure is the first of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World ___14__ the only one still standing.

After that, you can ride a camel __15__ the desert from the second pyramid, Chephren, to the famous Sphinx. The Sphinx is a sculpture of a lion body and a human head which symbolises the Pharaoh’s strength and wisdom.

Adapted from The Star, March 2007

A. site
B. scene
C. landmark
D. monument

A. to
B. from
C. along
D. towards

A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were

B. Although
C. Furthermore
D. Even though

A. big
B. bigger
C. biggest

A. or
B. so
C. and
D. but

15 A. across
B. beside
C. between
D. towards

D. Questions 16 - 25 Read the following poster and complete the graphic organiser. map

D. Using information from the poster on My Family
Carnival, complete the graphic organiser below.
Date: 16
Venue: PWTC
Time: 17

Carnival divided into:
Mummy and Baby Zone
Leisure Zone

Every day

6 September 2017
Dental check-up
Medical check-up
Fire safety workshop for children

7 September 2017


E. Questions 26 - 31 are based on the following passage.

The Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) was formed by a group of mental health professionals and community leaders from the then Universiti Hospital, now known as University Malaya Medical Centre. The association is a non-profit voluntary organisation which is managed by an elected committee of interested persons and professionals in the community.

Formed in 1967, MMHA has been providing a number of services to help the mentally ill cope with their problems and lead a normal life. The association offers, among others, the Illness Management Recovery (IMR) programme.

According to the association’s president, this programme, which started in December 2007, is a psycho-social education programme following a semi-structured programme aimed at helping clients to understand their mental condition and teach them methods to cope with distressing symptoms such as stress.

She said that clients will learn how to communicate and verbalise their problems, to be compliant with their medications, to recognise and report relapsing symptoms and to set goals for socialising and returning to work.

She further adds that the programme also aims to restore them to a socially functional state so that they can return to work or their daily lives. This approach, she says, has been very successful in the United States, especially in the east coast states, Scandinavian countries, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Currently, the association has 18 clients under this programme and a few have returned to work since participating in the programme six months ago.

The association started operations in a rented premise but since 2000 they have acquired a single-storey bungalow in PJ Old Town. The centre has three full-time rehabilitation officers who assist and support clients in their recovery.

Due to public perception about mental illness, she advises the public not to make fun of mental patients. She further adds that with proper treatment, medication and care, the mentally ill can be like other people.

Most of the clients at the center suffer from schizophrenia but there are some who suffer from depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders. When they first joined the association, these clients lacked the understanding about their illness, were not able to work or find a job. Some of the problems they faced were due to lack of education and skills which were partly contributed by their illness. Therefore under the IMP programme, the association works with the clients to 30 tackle their problems so that they can cope better with their illness.

According to the president, the association also provides day-care programmes where a trained occupational therapist visits the centre twice a week to work with several groups namely the Family Education Programme, Depression Support Programme, Public Education Programme and Mental Health Campaigns.

Currently, the association has clients mainly from the younger age group; late teens and those in their 20s and 30s. The centre also has a capacity for about 30 people.

Adapted from Helping Them Return to Society by Maizatul Nazlina,
The Star Metro, July 2008

26 From paragraph 1, who formed the Malaysian Mental Health Association?

27 From paragraph 2,
(a) what type of services does the association provide?

(b) name one type of programme offered by the association to its clients.

28 (a) From paragraph 5, has this programme been successful? Provide a reason.

(b) From paragraph 6,
i. which word means ‘obtained’?

ii. what is the role of the rehabilitation officers?

29 (a) From paragraph 7, what help can be provided to mental patients?

(b) From paragraph 8, what illnesses do the clients suffer from?

30 What can you conclude from the fact that most of the clients are mainly from the younger age group?
Answer in your own words.


Section D
31 Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

What Has Happened to Lulu?

What has happened to Lulu, mother?
What has happened to Lu?
There’s nothing in her bed but an old rag-doll
And by its side a shoe.

Why is her window wide, mother,
The curtain flapping free,
And only a circle on the dusty shelf
Where her money-box used to be?

Why do you turn your head, mother,
And why do the tear-drops fall?
And why do you crumple that note on the fire
And say it is nothing at all?

I woke to voices late last night,
I heard an engine roar.
Why do you tell me the things I heard
Were a dream and nothing more?

I heard somebody cry, mother,
In anger or in pain,
But now I ask you why, mother,
You say it was a gust of rain.

Why do you wander about as though
You don’t know what to do?
What has happened to Lulu, mother?
What has happened to Lu?

Charles Causley

(a) What is the persona’s feeling expressed throughout the poem?

(b) In stanza 2,
i. what does the phrase a circle on the dusty shelf suggest?

ii, why do you think the persona is asking for his sister?

(c) The persona repeatedly asks his mother about Lulu’s disappearance.
i. Why do you think the mother is wandering about?

ii, Why do you think the persona asked his mother repeatedly?


32 The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language.

Sing to the Dawn - Minfong Ho
Captain Nobody - Dean Pitchford
Dear Mr. Kilmer - Anne Schraff

Choose any one of the novels above and answer the question below.

Using the details in the novel you have studied, write about an event that shows a character’s bravery.
Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

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