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KSSM Secondary Form 5 English Exercises Set 5

Form 5 Subject lists

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A. Read the following descriptive essay and fill in the blanks with these connectors:

however, in addition, overall, moreover, furthermore, for example

An Important Possession

If I have to choose one thing that is important in my life, it is my notebook computer. It is an Acer notebook running Windows 10. It’s a fairly cheap notebook that I bought about five years ago. It’s black and thin and has rounded edges that are soft and smooth when you pick it up. It’s also light enough for me to carry in my backpack. 1 , it can do nearly everything I need it to do. 2 , I can create documents, design new pages on my website, make recordings and download TV shows. 3 to many files I have saved for my work, it contains a lot of photos and music. 4 , its not a perfect computer. It crashed a few years ago and since then it’s been much slower. 5 , it has downloaded some programs that I hate. I don’t know how to get rid of them. 6 though, this computer is pretty reliable, convenient and allows me to work anywhere I go.

B. Read the following narrative essay and fill in the blanks with these connectors:

Finally, After, a while, Most importantly, However, Although, At the same time, At first, Soon, Later

First Day at University

What important days in your life do you remember? I remember my first day at university very clearly. I felt excited and happy. 1 I was very nervous because I didn't know anyone. 2 , my first day at university was memorable . 3 I was confused and lost. I didn't know where to go. I had to ask a stranger where the first year students were going to meet. This person was very polite and showed me the way. I walked through some big buildings, and when I arrived I saw many students and I felt scared. 4 I told myself to be braver. I asked one girl what was happening and we discovered that we were in the same group. We introduced ourselves. Her name was May. We joined in with the activities for “freshie” students. 5 I started feeling much better. The activities helped me feel part of a team and I was beginning to feel that I had become a university student. 6 , we began our classes. However, all our classmates were quiet. The teacher talked for a while and then we introduced ourselves. I met two girls. Their names were June and Apple. Soon we became good friends and started chatting and learnt more about each other. 7 we came from different provinces we had a lot in common. We spent the rest of the day together until we had to go home. I am always going to remember that day because I had the opportunity to meet many people. 8 , I met the best friends that I have ever had. 9 , I think that it is natural that on the first day at university we feel nervous, but often difficult experiences have happy endings. That's why I say that my first day in the university was very memorable.

C. Read the following comparison essay and write down the connectors:

High School Students and University Students

Education is very important for society. It is very important in the development of the individual, too. However, there are many methods of learning and ways to develop students’ skills, so it is very difficult to work out which are the best paths to educational success. Nothing demonstrates this more than the differences between the lifestyles of high school students and university students.

First of all, university students have more responsibilities than high school students. They have to be more independent and make decisions by themselves. For example, they have to manage their schedules and do assignments. In contrast, high school students just have to follow the rules and obey their teachers

Second, high school students usually have more fun than university students. Their lives are not so serious. They are more carefree and they do more fun activities. University students, however, often do not have much free time. And they are more stressed because their exams are more serious.

Finally, university students mix with more people. They meet different kinds of people. They have to start to learn to live in the real world.
As a consequence, most university students become more open minded. High school students, on the other hand, live in a smaller, narrower world. They usually go to school with people similar to themselves. They live similar lives and think alike. No one challenges their ideas.

In conclusion, it seems clear that different educational situations and environments suit different age groups. Is this really true? Or do we just rely on ideas handed down from earlier generations? Perhaps, we need to try and pick the best features of the lifestyles of high school students and university students. Then we might be able to create better educational systems

for the 21st century.


D. Read the following factual essay and fill in the blanks with suitable connectors:

What effects has the computer had on our lives?

The twenty-first century is already turning out to be the century of the computer. The computer revolution that started after the Second World War is now developing more quickly and computers are beginning to influence and take over nearly every aspect of our lives. Computers are clearly changing and affecting society in many ways. The two main effects computers have had on our lives are in the areas of economics and communications.

The computer has led to big changes in our economic and business lives. Businesses now have to be computerised or they risk failure. 1 , every big corporation bases its operations on computing, regardless of which sector they are in. 2 Coca-Cola, the BBC and Levi's market and sell different products and services, yet they all share one basic property — without computers their operations would collapse. Computing is a generator of economic dynamism. China and India and many other developing countries have large IT sectors which drive their economies upwards. 3 , the more advanced economies, including Germany, the United States, Japan and Korea are moving from an industrial-based economy to a computer and IT-based one.

The other important effect of the computer is that communication has been totally revolutionised. 4 , in the past, people wrote letters, which would often take weeks to reach their destinations, or speak on the phone, which was terribly expensive. Now they send e-mail. Instead of waiting weeks for a letter, we can read it instantly, seconds after it's been written. 5 , many people use computers to communicate with people all around the world using chat rooms and chat programs, this was impossible before the computer became widespread. 6 , now people who live thousands of kilometres away from each other can communicate as much as they want and whenever they want using e-mail and/or chat rooms. 7 , computers have had a profound effect on our lives in many ways and it is in business and communication that they have had the greatest influence. In the future, if the computer continues evolving at such speed, our business practices and methods of communication will undergo even greater changes.

E. Fill in the blanks with the words provided in the box below.

great, scuba diving, destination, watching, jungle trekking, beautifu,l amazing, tremendously, world

My Holiday Destination

If I get to choose a holiday 1 for my family, I would like to go to Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu. I have heard 2 comments about this 3 island so I dream to go there with my family.

Once there, I plan to stay for 4 days and 3 nights. This is because there are many interesting activities that we may do there such as 4 , snorkelling, 5 and more. I would like to learn to scuba dive while I am at the island. I also plan to enjoy the flora and fauna the jungle there has to offer. I have also heard that the seafood there is out of this 6 and the sunset is simply 7 . One other activity that should not be missed is turtle 8

I certainly hope that one day, my family and | will get to go to Pulau Perhentian. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves 9 during our conclusion stay there.

F. Writing a Music Review
Fill in the blanks with correct answers to complete the music review

is ruined, bitterness ,catchy ,rock, die-hard Fundamental, top, relevant, best-selling, extraordinary

I’m certainly not alone with my choice of favourite album. In fact, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA has sold 30 million copies worldwide since its release in 1984. Nearly 30 years later, in 2013, Springsteen performed the complete album in concert to the delight of some of his many (1) fans.

A fast-paced, foot-tapping (2) album, Born in the USA's lyrics nevertheless carry emotional weight. Behind the (3) rock melodies that drive these powerhouse classics are stories of the dark side of the American dream. Many tracks deal with the struggles of hard-working ordinary people and the (4) and anger they feel as life doesn’t bring them riches or glory. The song Glory Days, for example, is about people in a small town looking back at when they were young and had the world at their feet while Downbound Train tells the story of a young man whose life (5) when he loses his job. It’s not hard to imagine that the artist is channel real people he knew and the life he might have had if he hadn’t become a star. The album will leave you in no doubt of the unique and (6) talent of the Boss. Unlike many other (7) album artists, Springsteen is still releasing chart-topping, stadium-filling new music and remains at the (8) of his game in his late 60s. It doesn’t surprise me at all. This is a man who tells us our most (9) stories about ourselves and, when you listen to Born in the USA,those stories are as (10) today as they ever were. This album definitely deserves a rating of 9/10.

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