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KSSM Secondary Form 5 English Exercises Set 3

Form 5 Subject lists

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A. You will be reading a text about Antarctica.
There are six sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question (1- 6), choose the correct answer (A-H). There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.

Antarctica is the coldest, emptiest and driest place on Earth. 1. . The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was minus 89.2 degrees Celsius, registered on July 21, 1983, at Antarctica’s Vostok station. Antarctica's climate is also very dry and windy. 2. . There is an area called Dry Valleys that has not had rain for more than a million years!

The existence of Antarctica was completely unknown until the continent was first discovered in 1820. Antarctica doesn't have a government and belongs to no country. 3. There are 30 various countries that operate 80 research stations located around the continent. In summer, more than 4000 scientists from all over the world work in research stations. Tourists arrive here, too. 4.

Antarctica has no trees or bushes. 5. But there are a lot of penguins. They live close together in large colonies and build their nests on the ice. 6. . It's just too cold!

A More than 56,000 people travelled to Antarctica during the 2018-2019 season.
B Also hiding under the Antarctic ice is an entire lake called Lake Vostok.
C The only plants that can live in a place that cold are algae, moss and fungi.
D Winds in some places of the continent can reach 320 km/h.
E But Antarctica hasn't always been an icy land.
F In the ocean around the continent you can see seals, whales and orcas but there are no big and large native land animals on the continent.
G Ninety-nine percent of Antarctica is covered by ice about 5 metres thick.
H It is the only region in the world which is not ruled by any nation.

B. You will be reading a text about Planting Trees.

There are six sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question (1-6), choose the correct answer (A-H). There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.

This school holidays, our Science teacher suggested we should get involved in a green project and plant some trees around the school. 1. . But, we soon found that choosing trees was quite complicated. If we wanted them to grow properly, they had to be the right type. However, they were so many different ones available. Therefore, our teacher suggested that we should look for trees that could grow naturally. 2. . They'd also be more suitable for the animals here.

3. We learnt that trees are happy where they have room to grow, with plenty of space for their branches. For example, the trees might get damaged if they're too close to the school playgrounds. 4. . Finally, we found a quiet corner for our trees which is close to the school garden, perfect!

Once we'd planted the trees, we knew we had to look after them carefully. We all took turns to check the leaves regularly and make sure they had no strange marks or white spots on them. 5. . We also checked the spring in case the leaves turned yellow too soon which could also mean the tree was sick.

We all knew that we wouldn't be at the school anymore by the time the trees grew tall and that was a bit sad. In fact, we’d planted the trees to benefit our environment and also the future students at the school. 6. . With that thought. it really cheered us up!

A So we tried to avoid areas where students were very active.
B After that, we had to think about the best place for planting the trees.
C That could mean the tree had a disease.
D Everyone thought it was a great idea, so we started looking online for the trees to buy.
E It could be quite good for young trees, though.
F We knew they'd get as much pleasure from them as we had.
G But at least, we were doing it in the right season.
H That way, the trees would be used to local conditions.

C. Read the following sentences and define the word in bold based on the context clue.
Choose the correct answer. Then, identify which type of clues is used.

Type of clues:
- Synonyms
- Antonyms / Contrast
- Explanation
- Example
- Cause and Effects

- Comparison
0. The girl who used to be very vocal in every school event does not talk to anyone anymore.
A. outspoken
B. confident
C. bold
Context clue:

1. The debris on the stadium floor included numerous paper cups, ticket stubs, and cigarette butts.
A. product
B. paper
C. trash
Context clue:

2. Although Alex usually looks unkempt, he had a very neat appearance at his job interview.
A. casual
B. messy
C. orderly
Context clue:

3. After the heavy rains, the stream became murky; you couldn't see the bottom.
A. cloudy
B. bottomless
C. clear
Context clue:

4. I'm looking for a unique gift for my brother; he appreciates peculiar things.
A. ordinary
B. unusual
C. typical
Context clue:

5. There are plenty of well-known bistros in Kuala Terengganu including Pok Mat Cafe and Delight Bakery.
A. shops
B. takeaways
C. eateries
Context clue:

6. Our softball team's pitcher has a few eccentric habits, such as throwing exactly thirteen warm-up pitches and never wearing socks.
A. unique
B. strange
C. exceptional
Context clue:

7. Their vociferous chatter in the train made me had my ears endlessly plugged.
A. loud
B. nasty
C. talkative
Context clue:

8. Expecting that his license would be renewed, the pilot was surprised when it was revoked instead.
A. cancelled
B. withdrawn
C. taken
Context clue:

9. The newlyweds agreed to be very frugal in their shopping because they wanted to have suffice saving to own a house.
A. economical
B. minimal
C. efficient
Context clue:

10. The coach takes every opportunity to censure his players, yet he ignores every opportunity to praise them.
A. command
B. criticize
C. advise
Context clue:

Next, identify the clue used and label the signal words in the sentence.
0. Pedagogical institutions including kindergartens, schools and universities, require community support to function efficiently.
Context clue: Examples

11. The job candidate’s background was impeccable — good references and many years of experience, but the company did not give her the job.
Context clue:

12. After spending three weeks in the hospital, I had a surfeit of daytime TV programming
Context clue:

13. The aborigines of Canada namely the First Nations and Inuits are peoples with diverse history, languages and cultural beliefs.
Context clue:

14. Because the conflagration was aided by wind, it was so destructive that every building in the area was completely burned to ashes.
Context clue:

15. He was so parsimonious that he refused to give his own daughters the few cents they needed to buy pencils for school. It truly hurt him to part with his money.
Context clue:

D. Read the following excerpt from a text on ‘Robot Teachers’. The underlined word is the unknown word. Using cues from the immediate and wider contexts, state whether statements 1 to 4 are TRUE or FALSE.

“If you think of the jobs robots could never do, you would probably put doctors and teachers at the top of the list. It's easy to imagine robot cleaners and factory workers, but some jobs need human touch and creativity. But are we underestimating what robots can do? In some cases, they already perform better than doctors at diagnosing illness. Also, some patients might feel more comfortable sharing personal information with a machine than a person. After all, could there be a place for robots in education?"

1. The writer strongly believes robots will never replace doctors and teachers. [ ]

2. The writer feels that human touch and creativity is less important. [ ]

3. The writer acknowledges that robots could outperform doctors in medical field. [ ]

4. The writer concludes that robots can make better doctors and potentially teachers. [ ]

5. From the text, the word ‘underestimating’ can be replaced with:
A taking too lightly
B misjudging
C ignoring

E. Study the article carefully.

A. Fixie Club

This is THE place to be if you're looking for fun and entertainment. You can join one of our many classes or just turn up and take it easy. It's up to you. Membership is free and every time you visit, you only have to pay RM14. Every day we have a variety of fun activities from arts and crafts to video games, and at the weekend we organise football matches and netball tournaments. And don't forget, if you're really hungry on a Sunday afternoon, come down and enjoy some food from our delicious BBQ! All ages are welcome! So, what are you waiting for?

B. Supreme Club

Are you looking for a place to hang out with your friends? Well, look no further! We have many activities including sports, arts and crafts. We also have a full schedule of classes where you can learn parkour, karate, judo and taekwondo. There is also a canteen full of delicious snacks and a film room where you can grab a box of popcorn and check out the latest blockbuster. You don't have to pay to become a member. The only restriction we have is you have to be a teenager and be consistent. Looking for fun? Supreme Club is the place!

C. Fun 4 Teen

When your homework's done and you've got some free time, you need somewhere to have some fun. Well, ‘Fun 4 Teen’ has got it all! Sign up today and get the chance to play sports or just come and use one of our many computers to surf the Net. Children of all ages are welcomed and membership only costs RM150.
But every visit is free of charge after that. You can also bring a friend along for a small fee of RM10. And if you just want to have a quiet place to finish your History project before the fun begins, we've got that too! See you there!

D. TG Youth Club

TG Youth Club has been around for more than twenty years now. It's still the most popular youth club in the town. It's also the cheapest around, at only RM9.90 per visit. All the usual activities are available, and you can now enjoy our brand new sports hall, perfect for volleyball, basketball and indoor football. Our old gym is now being used for dance classes, so if you want to try out ballet, or even want to be a b-boy or b-girl, you Know where to come and train! Wait no more!

Read the article about the youth clubs and answer the following questions.
Which youth club describes the following experiences of community service?

1. has age restriction for its members?

2. offers sports on specific days?

3. charges people to become members?

4. provides facilities for large group discussions?

5. has a variety if martial arts classes?

6. serves grilled food on a particular day?

7. has improved its amenities recently

8. is most recommended for movies goers?

9. offers individual self-learning space?

10. requires no attendance commitment?

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