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KSSM Secondary Form 1 English Exercises Set 5

Form 1 Subject Lists

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Unit THEME: People and Culture

ADAM: Can you tell me when you last sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone, Kerry?

KERRY: Just last Saturday at my grandfather's 80th birthday party! The song was sung when he cut the cake.

ADAM: That’s great!
Do you know that according to the Guinness World Records, the birthday song is the most popular song in the English language?

KERRY: That’s cool.

ADAM: I was curious, so I looked it up online. The tune comes from the song ‘Good Morning' to All? Do you know when it was written?

KERRY: No, I’ve never thought about it.

ADAM: It was written in 1893 by two sisters—Patty and Mildred Hill.

KERRY: I’ m sure they never imagined that their song would become so famous.

ADAM: Yeah. Birthday parties are the coolest! I feel like we take them for granted sometimes. My mum always makes a big deal out of birthdays. I guess she has a lot of fond memories to share. :

KERRY: Do you get many gifts?

ADAM: It depends on how big my party is. Do you know if you'll be able to come to my birthday party this year?

KERRY: I wouldn't miss it for the world!

A Read the dialogue above. Then, write suitable questions for the answers given below.

It took place last Saturday.

The birthday song is the most popular song in the English language.

Yes, he will be going to Adam's birthday party this year.

B Write True (T) or False (F) for the sentences below.
1. The tune of the birthday song comes from the song ‘Good Morning to All’

2. Adam dislikes birthday parties.

Indirect Questions (Past Tense)
Indirect questions are a polite way of asking questions. You can use the following phrases to start indirect questions:

Can you tell me ...
Is there any chance ...
Do you know ...
Do you have any idea ...
Do you think ...

Direct question : When was it written?
Indirect question : Do you know when it was written?
Direct question : When did you last sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone, Kerry?
Indirect question : Can you tell me when you last sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone, Kerry?

C Change the following questions into indirect questions using the phrase given in the brackets.

1 Did Zuraidah cook the nasi lemak? (Can you tell me)

2 Where was Nicol David born? (Do you know)

3 Why didn’t Jenifer want to celebrate her birthday? (Do you have any idea)

4 Did Nik manage to buy the tickets for the Bruno Mars concert? (Do you think)

5 Was Johan late because he overslept? (Is there any chance)

6 Which actor did you like the most in the film? (Can you tell me)

7 Why was Salmah chosen as the Head Prefect? (Do you know)

8 How did Ramli make the kite? (Can you tell me)

9 When was the wedding held? (Do you know)

10 Why did Susanna leave the choir? (Can you tell me)

Passive Sentences (Past Simple)
We use the passive to emphasise the action and the object, and we often leave the subject out. This usually happens when we are not sure who the subject is.

We sang the song when he cut the cake.
Two sisters, Patty and Mildred Hill, wrote it in 1893.
Yan Yew discovered the treasure chest.

The song was sung when he cut the cake.
It was written in 1893 by two sisters—Patty and Mildred Hill.
The treasure chest was discovered by Yan Yew.

D Write the sentences below in the passive form.
1 Bala and Samuel helped the injured boy.

2 The students performed traditional dances during the concert.

3 Nita took many photographs with her new camera.

4 Ernest wrote an interesting essay about Malaysian customs.

5 The Social Club organised the Charity Fair.

6 The police arrested the famous train robber.

7 Dr Lee, a well-known author, gave a talk on the benefits of reading.

8 We painted the house in five days.

9 I celebrated my birthday last week.

10 The teachers accompanied the students during the school trip.

11. They opened the restaurant last month.

12 A loud noise frightened the baby.

E Write a short essay about your grandfather's birthday. Arrange the ideas in the correct order, then write full sentences based on the notes given.
food — prepared — relatives — friends — table — filled — variety — favourite dishes
house — beautifully decorated — balloons and buntings — large banner — wall
party — went on — midnight — he — stayed up late — enjoy the night
I celebrated — grandfather’s 80th birthday — uncle’s house — last Saturday — family
grandfather — opened — door — lights came on — thrilled — birthday song
birthday cake — made — my aunt — shape — favourite old car — fabulous job

F Rewrite the paragraph below using the correct punctuation marks.

the gift table was overflowing with presents wrapped in colourful paper and ribbons there were also many gift envelopes with cash gifts for my grandfather after all what can one give an elderly man i think the highlight of the celebration was my mothers gift she made a photo book filled with lots of photos messages and comments it was a lovely gift with a treasure of memories for him to enjoy

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