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KSSM Secondary Form 1 English Exercises Set 2

Form 1 Subject Lists

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Unit THEME: Science and Technology
Free Time

DIANNA : Hi Sammy. My brother is very interested in planes and robots. I would like to get him a model plane or robot kit. Do you know where I can buy something like that?

SAMMY : Sure. There are many hobby shops that sell all sorts of model kits, from remote-control planes to simple robots.

DIANNA : Really? Do you know which I should choose?

SAMMY : I would recommend a beginner kit for a simple aeroplane or robot. Most of them are made of plastic, metal or cardboard. Can you tell me what type of planes or robots he is interested in? Some models are easier to build than others.

DIANNA : I think he likes fighter planes and most of the present-day superheroes.

SAMMY : OK. The fighter plane model kits are sold in the hobby shop on Jalan Bunga. Be sure to remind him that it’s important to read the instructions and follow them carefully, step by step.

DIANNA : I will. Thank you so much for your help.

A Read the dialogue above. Then, write suitable questions for the answers given below.
He is interested in planes and robots.

You can buy them in hobby shops.

He is interested in fighter planes.

B Match these words or phrases from the dialogue above with their correct meanings.
kit/ recommend/ remind/ step by step

1. to tell somebody that something is good or useful

2. to help somebody remember something

3. a set of parts ready to be made into something

4 to progress gradually from one stage to the next

Indirect Questions (Present Tense)
Indirect questions are a polite way of asking questions. You can use the following phrases to start indirect questions:

Can you tell me ...
Do you know ...
Do you have any idea ...
Is there any chance ...
Will it be possible ...

Direct question : Where can I buy something like that?
Indirect question : Do you know where I can buy something like that?
Direct question : What type of planes or robots is he interested in?
Indirect question : Can you tell me what type of planes or robots he is interested in?

C Change the following questions into indirect questions using the phrase given in the brackets.

1. Does Aznan play a lot of computer games? (Can you tell me)

2. Where is the Digital Mall located? (Do you know)

3. Can we go to the talk on cyberbullying? (Is there any chance)

4. How long do we have to wait? (Do you have any idea)

5. Will you come with me to the shop? (Will it be possible)

6. Who do you spend the most time chatting with online? (Can you tell me)

7. What time does the Science Exhibition open to the public? (Do you know)

8. Why does Ranmlli enjoy football so much? (Can you tell me)

9. Who accidentally left their phone in the library yesterday? (Do you know)

10. How tall must you be to go on the roller-coaster ride? (Can you tell me)

Passive Sentences (Present Simple)
We use the passive to emphasise the action and the object, and we often leave the subject out.
This usually happens when we are not sure who the subject is.

-The hobby shop on Jalan Bunga sells the fighter plane model kits.
-They make most toys from plastic.
-Susan understands the instructions.

-The fighter plane model kits are sold in the hobby shop on Jalan Bunga.
-Most toys are made from plastic.
-The instructions are understood by Susan.

D Complete these sentences with suitable words from the box.

are fed/ is enjoyed/ are painted/ is done/ is scolded/ are built
1 The Science project by us.

2 The game by all the boys.

3 Lena by her mother for dropping her phone.

4 The cats by Mina every day.

5 The houses from wood.

6 The beautiful portraits by Laila.

E Write the sentences below in the passive form.
1. Nik and Johan play computer games.

2 The children visit the Science
Centre every weekend.

3 I collect interesting rocks.

4 The students ignore the naughty boy.

5 My brother makes model ships.

6 Dev reads a lot of books on robots.

7. I take my pet to the vet every six months.

F Write an email to a friend telling him/her about an upcoming exhibition and the activities available there. Invite your friend to come with you. Use the points given below to help you write the email. Include indirect questions and passive sentences in present tense in your writing.

-Exhibition on model planes and robots — this weekend
-Interesting models — on display — workshops — starting — hobby
-Hands-on sessions — can watch — fix — models
-Facilitators — on hand — assist — participants

To: From:

G Rewrite the sentence below with the correct spelling.

1 A robotiks elektronik kit can be considerred a chalinging present for Jason's birthday.

H Complete this passage by underlining the most suitable conjunction or reference pronoun.

My parents are going to buy a shelf for 1(his, my, our) brother. 2(We, He, It) will be his birthday gift. We hope that 3(we, I, he) will display his aeroplane models there. This will encourage him to be careful 4(and, but, so) to keep his valuables in a safe place. I know he will be very happy when he receives the shelf 5(and, because, yet) he will have the joy of putting it together with our father. 6(Although, Because, But) he has been pestering me to tell him what we are planning for him, I have managed to keep it a secret.

H Read the poem ‘News Break’ by Max Fatchen. Then, look at the words and phrases in the follwing. Fill in the suitable words and phrases that best describe the child's real and fake personalities.

loving/ clean/ likes to spend money/ loud/ saves money/ tidy/ naughty/ helpful/ well behaved/ unhelpful/ untidy/ quiet/ angry/ not loving

Fake Personality

Real Personality

I Use the words and phrases in the circle maps above to write descriptions of the child's real and fake personalities.
Fake Personality

Real Personality

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