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KSSM Secondary Form 2 English Exercises Set 5

Form 2 Subject Lists

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Unit THEME: Health and Environment

Air pollution is when gases, smoke and chemicals are introduced into the environment in large doses that are harmful to humans, animals and plants. It is caused by toxic fumes from factories, land traffic, open burning and other activities like smoking. When we breathe in the polluted air, it can affect our health badly. The clearing of forests and the cutting down of trees makes this worse. How bad does pollution have to get for people to realise that it Causes a number of diseases like asthma, chest infections and even cancer? Air pollution also causes damage to animals, plants and our beautiful historical monuments too.

Land pollution is when we ruin the land. Many of the things people use every day come in packaging made from cardboard, plastic and polystyrene. These often end up in landfills, which are an absolute eyesore! When careless people litter, both animals and people are exposed to things that could hurt them, such as broken glass, rotting food, harmful pests and toxic chemicals.

We really need to take care of our planet and make it a better, safer and healthier place to live in. The best way to do this is for everyone to do their part to save the environment.

A Read the text above. Then, answer the following questions.
1 How does the writer feel about pollution?

2 Give three reasons why the writer feels this way.

3 Do you think that the writer’s judgement is fair? Why?

B Use a dictionary to look up the definitions of the following words.
1. toxic

2. ruin

3. rotting

C Fill in the blanks by forming adjectives from the verb in brackets.
1. Its (Shock) how some people throw rubbish wherever they want.
2. The boys were (disappoint) that they weren't allowed to swim in the lake.
3. I felt very (relax) after I put cucumber slices over my eyes.
4. Fredrik’s speech about working together to reduce pollution was (convince).
5. Jenny was (worry) when a lot of pimples broke out on her face.
6. I had a (tire) day cleaning the school compound.

D Complete the following sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.
1. Which is , the elephant or the rhinoceros? (heavy)
2. Yesterday was day ever. Luckily it rained last night, so now it is . (hot, cool)
3. This restaurant is one I have ever been to. I don’t want to eat here. (dirty)
4. If you go to the market early in the morning, the vegetables will be ard taste the ones sold later in the day. (fresh, good)
5. The Ganges River in India is one of rivers in the world. (pollute)
6. My skin is before because I now apply a mixture of lemon juice and egg white onto my face twice a week. (smooth)
7. The haze is getting . It is getting to breathe and people are falling sick each day. (bad, hard, many)

E Arrange the following notes into the correct order.
Paragraph 1:
we should also impose heavier penalties and set up factories and power plants far away from residential areas
in order to reduce air pollution we should take some preventive measures
in addition to that we have to stop clearing valuable forests
first we can reduce the traffic on the road by carpooling and using more public transport vehicles should also be serviced regularly
we need to plant more trees and encourage the development of more green projects
next we must also check on factories that emit toxic fumes

Paragraph 2:
lastly use eco friendly and energy efficient products whenever possible such as reusable shopping bags and containers
we can give away things that we no longer use like clothes shoes toys and books this way they will not end up in a landfill
if you cannot give them away remember that plastic paper glass and other materials can be recycled or reused
reduce reuse and recycle as much as possible
if something cannot be recycled at least put it into a rubbish bin instead of littering

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