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KSSM Secondary Form 2 English Exercises Set 4

Form 2 Subject Lists

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Unit THEME: Consumerism and Financial Awareness

SALLY: Hi, Mr Lee. I’m doing a class project and I have to interview a shopkeeper. Can I ask you a few questions?
Mr Lee : Sure. I’d be glad to help.
SALLY : Can you tell me how long you’ve owned this shop?
Mr Lee : Actually, it was my father’s shop. It started off small and has since grown to what it is now. But business isn't really thriving any more.
SALLY : Why is that?
Mr Lee : Well, hypermarkets have opened up everywhere and they buy in bulk, so we can't compete with their prices.
SALLY : Yes, but yours is a convenience shop. Doesn't it exist for customers to buy items they need quickly?
Mr Lee : Yes, but don’t you know what people are like? They always choose price over convenience. The rental here is very high too, so I can't afford to offer big discounts. Fortunately, this is a family business, so my wife and kids help me out whenever they are free.
SALLY : Do you mind if I take some photos?
Mr LEE : Go ahead. It’s good advertisement for my business anyway.
SALLY : Thank you, Mr Lee. You've been very helpful.

A Read the interview above. Then, for each of the following statements, underline TRUE or FALSE.
1 Hypermarkets can sell their goods more cheaply because they buy in bulk.

2 lt is easier for customers to shop quickly in a hypermarket.

3 MrLee’s family members help him in the shop when they are free.

B Use a dictionary to look up the definitions of the following words.
1 thriving

2 bulk

3 convenience

C Write WH-questions using the word in brackets for the statements given below.
I bought a new watch because my old one was spoilt. (why)
The sale started at the beginning of the month. (when)
My mother does her shopping at the convenience shop near my house. (where)
The Home Exhibition will be on until the end of the month. (how)

C Match the Yes/No questions with the correct answers.

- Do you like online shopping?
- Is June a wise shopper?
- Have you been to the new mall?
- Was the garage sale a success?

No, she isn’t. She doesn’t check out prices before buying things
Yes, it was. We sold everything.
Yes, I do. I think it is very convenient.
No, I haven’t. It’s very far from my house.

D Turn the following questions into indirect questions using the words in brackets. 1 How long was she working at the store? (Do you know)

2 What are you saving up for? (I was wondering)

E Read the email below. Find five words that are spelt wrongly and correct them.

Dear Dee,

Do you know what happened last week? I was browsing online for a new shirt and found a great offer. There was a 70% discount and I was so excited that I placed an order. It cost me only RM24.60. The original prise was RM82! The shipping was free too! I chose the colour I wanted and payed with my mother’s credit card. Of course, I asked her first. Anyway, when the shirt arrived, I was so disapointed. Can you guess what happened? It wasn’t the wrong size, but the cutting was too tight! The buttons and the colour of the shirt looked different from the picture too. I wanted navy blue, but what I got was a bluish green! So, now I have to go threw all the trouble of sending it back to get a refund! I don't think I will risk bying clothes online again!


Answer the following questions.
Five words that are spelt wrongly and correct them

1 Discuss and elaborate on the emotions Kamal felt
(i) when ordering the shirt:

(ii) after receiving the shirt:
2 In what way did Kamal’s opinion on online shopping change?

3 How did you feel when you read the email?

4 What is your opinion about online shopping? Hots

F Below is some advice about shopping at a hypermarket. Discuss the topic and give opinions about the advice. Use the points and the guided dialogue below to help you.

Buying in bulk is cheaper.
Do we really need so much?
Is it worth the trouble and cost?
You can always share if you buy too much.
Take advantage of good offers and discounts.
Are these inferior goods or old stock?

WENG : Hi, Salleh! Where are you rushing off to?
SALLEH : I have to get home. I’m going to do some grocery shopping at the hypermarket in town.
Weng : Why do you want to go there? Isn't it ?
SALLEH : Things there are a lot cheaper. I can buy .
Weng : Do you really need to ? I think you might end up . You may also .
Weng : I see. But is it worth ?
How do you decide ?
What happens if ?
Weng : I’m glad to hear that. However,
SALLEH : That’s good advice. I will definitely do that.

G Read the short story Cheat! by Allan Baillie. Match each sentence below with the correct

- Honesty and Integrity
- Fair Play
- The Cost of Being Judgemental

1. Lynne strongly believed that Geoff was hiding the story he had stolen his idea from.

2. Lynne thought it was unfair for a cheater to win.

3. Although Lynne won the medal she wanted, she was appalled at the idea of Geoff being disqualified.

4. Geoff felt that his entry should be disqualified once he realised that he may have gotten his idea from a book he had read years ago.

5. Geoff was willing to give up his medal to Lynne.

6. Mr Velos reversed his decision when he learnt that Lynne’s story was more original.

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