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KSSM Secondary Form 3 English Exercises Set 2

Form 3 Subject lists

Source: Pentaksiran Diagnostik Akademik SBP 2018

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The text below is about unsung heroes.
Read the text below. There are grammatical errors in the text. The errors have been underlined for
you. Write one word to correct the error in the space provided.
An example has been given.
The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence.

The World Cup might have been a focus in the past month, but for many around the world, an only team that mattered was the “Wild Boars’. The burst of joy when the young team emerges safe and sound from the flood cave in Thailand matched any World Cup final. It was not surprising that the social media was filled with praises to not only the rescue team but also
the “swarm of men and women” from Thailand and around the world.

There was small business owners of diving gear and oxygen cylinders whose gave their equipment for free to the rescue team, and farmers who sacrificed their crops so that water could be pump out from the caves. Then, there were these who cycled hundreds of kilometres every day to the cave site to cook and caring for the rescue team.

Adapted from Sunday Star, 15 July 2018)

Read the following text. Then, answer questions (a) — (j).

Mohamed Salah Ghaly is an Egyptian footballer who plays as a forward for the Egyptian national team as well as Premier League
Club Liverpool.
Born in Nagrig, he 1s a gifted footballer since his childhood. He came from a sporty family in which football was the game his father and uncles played at a youth club in Nagrig.

Initially, football was just a leisure activity for Salah but he started taking it as a serious career opportunity when he joined a local youth club ‘El Mokawloon’ in
Cairo at the age of eighteen. The journey from his hometown to
Cairo was tiring and time consuming where he had to change five buses to reach his training centre. That had never discouraged him from becoming a successful footballer.

As time went by, Salah made his way to play for famous clubs namely, Fiorentina and Chelsea but his biggest success came when he was offered a contract by Liverpool in 2017. Since then, he has been scoring many important goals for both the club and his home country. He is much loved by his fans and due to his goal scoring feat, they dubbed him as ‘The Pharaoh’.

As a result of his outstanding performances, he won numerous prestigious awards which includes Premier League Player of the Month, Football Writers’ Player of the Year and African Footballer of the Year.

(Adapted from: FourFourTwo, March 2018)

Using the information from the text, complete the following graphic organiser.

Place of birth:

First football club:

Notable clubs he has played for:

Current club:


Awards received:

Question 3
Read the poster below. Then, answer questions (a) - (j)
Questions (a)-(d): Based on the poster, state whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.
a. The camping activity will be held for five days.

b. Students will only learn modern dance in the dancing workshop.

c. Early birds will enjoy a 20% discount.

d. Students can register via three methods.

e. Who will conduct the lessons in Jasmine Dancing Studio?

f. What should you do to get a discount?

g. Fill in the blank with appropriate word from the poster.
i. physical strength:

ii. confidence

h. Your friend is afraid to give presentations in the class. Suggest a programme that is suitable for him/her.

i. In your opinion, why should parents send their children to educational activities during the school holidays?

SECTION C Question 4
Read the article below. Then answer questions (a) to (h).

Travelling is the act of going on a visit to another place either for sightseeing or business. Most people like to travel and they travel for different reasons. In the past, during the days of exploration, people travelled by land and sea to look for things like spices and tea and to discover new land.

For many people nowadays, going to a new place means getting to know the culture and the way of life of the inhabitants there. To be fluent in a foreign language, the best step would be to make a visit to the country and reside there for some time. Food, especially exotic food attracts people to foreign countries. Nowadays, there are some specialists in food such as chocolates and cheese and even modern food such as pastas and pizzas. They are called food connoisseurs.

There are people who travel to make new friends. They find it rewarding to get to know someone who has different ways of life. They take the opportunity to experience how they lead their lives so as to become more knowledgeable. Some even go to big events such as the World Cup just to watch a match whilst making new friends. New Zealand and Australia are ranked the top 3 friendliest countries by the Men’s Health magazine. Malaysia makes it to the top 10 list as well as
Brazil, Spain and Sweden.

Religion is another reason that encourages people to travel. They travel to holy places to make pilgrimages. Mecca is a must for Muslims and the Vatican City is the main choice for devoted Christians. Others travel to escape the cold or the heat in their countries. These are seasonal travellers. A charitable heart is willing to travel long distances to help people in distress or in war-torn countries. For this purpose, some African and Asian countries made it in the list of the travellers’ choice, such as India, Rwanda, Syria and Palestine. For whatever reasons, travelling never fails to enrich our life.

(a) What does ‘travelling’ mean?

(b) In the old days what were the main reasons for travelling?


(c) What should a traveller do if he/she wants to be fluent in a foreign language?

(d) Fill in the table with an appropriate word from the article.
(i) stay

(ii) unusual

(iii) very loving or loyal

(iv) improve in quality

(e) What are the advantages of making new friends?

(f) Name two top three friendliest countries?

(g) Why do Muslims visit Mecca?

(h) )Suggest two charitable activities that can be done by people who visit poor countries.

Question 5
Read the poem below carefully. Then, answer questions (a) — (d).

Poisoned Talk

Who killed cock robin?
I, said the worm,
I did him great harm.
He died on the branch of a withered tree
From the acid soil that poisoned me.

Who killed the heron?
I, mouthed the fish,
With my tainted flesh
I killed tern, duck and drake,
All the birds of the lake.

Who killed the lake?
I, boasted Industry,
I poisoned with mercury
Fish, plant and weed
To pamper mens’ greed.

Who killed the flowers?
I, moaned the wind.
I prowl unconfined,
Blowing acid rain
Over field, flood and fen.

Who killed the forest?
I ensured that it died,
Said sulphur dioxide.
All all life within it,
from earthworm to linnet.

a. What was the “great harm” done by the worm in Stanza 1?

b. How was the fish responsible for killing all the birds of the lake?

c. How did the killer feel about his wrongdoing in Stanza 3?

d. State two things you can do to save the environment.

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